Heat Therapy and Yoga Can Help with Prostate Cancer

Heat Therapy and Yoga Can Help with Prostate Cancer

Yoga has been used over the years to enhance fitness and relieve stress, but there is more to yoga than just helping you stay fit. According to a new study, yoga may contribute to improving the quality of life and ease the intensity of some side effects for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The Basics of the Research

Dr. Neha Vapiwala, the leader of the study and his team, sought to find if yoga had any impact on the quality of life and the side effects resulting from radiation therapy for men who have prostate cancer. Vapiwala got inspired by the studies based on how yoga benefited female cancer patients because more women practice yoga than men. Statistic s indicates that only 28% of men do yoga in the United States.

Heat Therapy

On top of that, Vapiwala involved heat therapy in reducing pain. More specifically, he used heating pads such as the ones highlighted at Free Your Spine on patients to apply warmth to the perianal area. The idea was to supplement yoga and by extension get quicker results.

The Subjects

The survey comprised 68 prostate cancer patients who were undergoing 6 to 9 weeks of outpatient therapy. Of the patients, 45 agreed to participate in Eischens Yoga for 75 minutes twice every week, even as they were undergoing treatment.

Eischens Yoga encompasses the ideas from kinesiology and movement theory. According to Tali Mazar Ben-Josef, a certified Eischens Yoga instructor, it is accessible to all body types and experience levels.

Not every patient made it through all the yoga sessions; 18 of the participants abandoned the program halfway due to radiation therapy and yoga classes inevitably scheduled at the same time.

The remaining men answered a series of questions throughout the sessions. It became apparent that their quality of life improved class after class. On not of that, their fatigue levels declined. Even then, their sexual health and urinary incontinence remained the same.

The Results

Vapiwala notes that there was a consistency in results among prostate cancer patients undergoing cancer therapy without any structured fitness interventions. He adds that based on the findings of the study, yoga is a viable approach to upholding the quality of life for men getting treated for prostate cancer. Vapiwala quips that the willingness of men to participate in the study dispels the notion that men do not participate in yoga.

The researchers insist that even though yoga has shown positive effects on men undergoing radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer, more research is essential before the practice is fully validated. Vapiwala and his team want to carry a randomized control trial of men with prostate cancer. This trial will involve comparing the effects of yoga for nonparticipating men.

In Conclusion

It turns out; you can use readily available remedies to reduce the intensity of prostate cancer. Still, Vapiwala is quick to insist that these treatment options should not replace medicine and other therapy sessions. He also notes that you should talk to your doctor before embarking on heat therapy for prostate cancer.

Led Lights

The Development of Led Light Technology

A LED light bulb or a LED lamp is a kind of electric light that uses a light-emitting diode (LED). Many advantages come with using LED light bulbs as their life span is far longer than that of incandescent lamps. They are also far more efficient than luminescent lamps as, according to LED manufacturers, certainly led lamps emit up to 303 lumens per watt. Currently, available LED bulbs with the most efficiency emit 200-220 lumens per watt. LED has seen such a success so far that it is estimated that the market will grow by 12 times, from 2 billion at the start of 2014 to 25 billion at the end of 2023. To speak of their amazing efficiency, LEDs use only about 10 percent of the energy incandescent lamps use. They don’t need the warm-up time unlike fluorescent lamps, which most LEDs are made to replace.

Before the development of LED technology, there were 3 types of lamps which were used for general white lighting. These were incandescent, fluorescent and metal-halide lamps. Incandescent lights had a very short life span of 1000 hours and produced only up to 17 lumens per watt. They functioned by heating a filament with an electric flow, this allowed them to make a continuous black body spectrum. Fluorescent lamps had a longer life span, up to 14 000 hours, and produce ultraviolet light by releasing a glow discharge through a low-pressure tube of mercury vapor between two electrodes.

The mercury inside of them posed a safety hazard so they have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Metal-halide lamps also suffered from the fact that they were hazards, but were the most efficient lamps of their time. They had a relatively long life span of up to 16 000 hours and had a luminous efficiency of 75-100 lumens per watt. A big downside of these lamps is the fact that they had a 3-7 minute start-up time. They function by releasing an arc between two electrodes surrounded by a plethora of different gases.

Viewed as energy transformers, these were highly inefficient, emitting more energy as waste heat than actual light.

Led lights came as an answer to all of these problems. They are highly energy efficient, pose no hazards, and come as an answer to the problems electrical industry faced. Lighting used to consume 12 percent of electrical energy produced by industrialized countries, there were also problems regarding the discovery of global warming due to the carbon dioxide released by using fossil fuels. This lead to an increased incentive for finding more energy efficient electric lights.

The first low-frequency red LED light was made in the 60s. This breakthrough and existence of high-frequency lead to increased interest in LED technology and the development of white LED used today, which had a white phosphorous coating that helps convert frequencies and gives us the white light they produce. Akasaki, Amano, and Nakamura received the Nobel prize for the blue LED they made. China further boosted the development of LED research and presented their first Christmas tree in 1998. In the 21st century the LED became prevalent in USA and Japan, and soon after them Korea and China in 2004. In 2008 the Energy Star set a standard for efficiency and safety for lamps and started ratting brands based on it. This inspired the increase in product quality in every lamp producing company.

Sentry Equipment Corporation was able to light up the interior and exterior of its grounds with LED lights in 2008. The initial cost was 3 times than it would be with non-LED bulbs, but the cost was returned only 2 years after through electricity saving. On top of all of that, the bulbs will continue to perform in peak efficiency for another 20 years, which only speaks more on the quality and value of LED products. A similar occurrence happened in the Turku Cathedral in Finland, where 710 LEDs at 2 watts were placed and had a positive financial return within half a year, even though the lights work only 48 days a year.

LED lights are, not only very efficient but also have such a wide span of applications. They can be used within homesteads, but have many different functions within different segments of life and daily functions. In some veterinary hospitals in Asia, LED lights are used for incubation of newborn animals. As they function in different frequencies, they are used as lighting within coal mines and on construction sights. There are special LEDs that are mounted on cars for long distance non-disruptive, road-safe lighting. They are also prominent in agriculture. Certain kinds of LEDs are specialized for helping plant growth as naturally as possible, to find out more about this visit this site.

As you can see LED lights have too many upsides not to use at a slightly increased cost. Be responsible towards yourself, others and nature itself and replace your outdated lighting with LED whenever you can.

3 Ways to Get Your Children Safe at School

3 Ways to Get Your Children Safe at School

Although school isn’t exactly starting this time of year they still need to go to school every day so this posts could be written on any day really as it’s never too late to make some changes to your daily patterns and perhaps there’s some coordination needed with other parents so why not bring up the topic during the new year reception that’s soon to follow?

Converting a Minibus to a Mini School Bus

Most schools have budgets for the well-being of their students, so it’s important to discuss this with all required parties up front, maybe you can get in touch with other parents before speaking with the school about it as the budget probably doesn’t reach far enough to purchase and convert a minibus.

However, if you are truly caring about your children you don’t have to think about a driver as the parents can do that themselves in shifts and save a lot of money that way. The only investment is purchasing the bus and converting it.

You could suggest to your school to split the costs 50/50, a large minivan can seat 12 people so if you can find 12 parents you’re looking at an investment of a few thousand dollars a person and can make an agreement with the school that they can keep the mini school bus once your kids moves to high-school or college.

Now, this idea would be lucrative enough if your child is in first grade, otherwise, it’s probably too large of an investment to justify it.

Hiring a Private Taxi in a Group

If your kids are 4th, 5th, or 6th graders this might be a better option, kids are small so at least four should be able to fit on the back seat and one on the passenger chair as the law doesn’t allow for more and you want to keep your children safe of course as that’s what this post is all about in the first place.

Once again, just hit up some parents during the new year reception and throw it in the group, if everyone lives close enough and you make a deal with a taxi company for five times a week and the costs will be split in five it’s probably affordable enough. Not that you have to do it all year round, but in the winter months you don’t want your kid to drive his/her bicycle in the cold, rain, and sometimes snowy days do you?

Not Everyone Can Afford Everything

When you start thinking about ideas and discussing it do keep in mind that all parents would love for their kids to arrive safely at school but we don’t all fit the same budget. If you know one of the parents is short on budget but does own a vehicle you could suggest to pay for the gasoline and a small fee for bringing the kids and picking them up.

A small amount like $5/ride, with gasoline, paid extra nets such parent $10/day, that’s an extra $200/month for less than an hour of work. This can make a huge change for people that receive social security of barely a thousand dollars a month so why not help hem and let them help you at the same time. Definitely a win-win situation for all parties involved, and once again if you can split it with 4 other parents you’re talking about only 3-4 dollars a day (yep I didn’t forget to include the price of gasoline or diesel).

My Trip To Phnom Penh Cambodia

I just came back from a trip to Phnom Penh and I have to say it was one amazing trip. I started off with visiting the Tuol Sleng genocide museum, and maybe I should’ve saved that for last as the thrills run through your spine when you listen to the audio tapes they provide you with at the entrance. That’s some serious shit so to say and its hard not to think about it for the remaining of your holiday. I suppose most people heavily underestimate that.

After that, I visited the so-called jail museum and the conditions the people lived in there are the worst you can imagine. When being there I saw tons of street kids begging for a couple thousand real (the local currency). I’m never sure to give or not as they are probably being hawked by their parents or worst but I can’t stop myself from giving.

Then it was time to return to the city, it’s about a 30-minute drive by a tuk-tuk and there you can clearly see the difference between poor and rich. They have this huge Naga casino world with all the luxuries you can imagine, well-paved roads, and what not really. It was obviously bloody hot as well so I went back to my hotel for a quick shower before going to the shopping mall and some other random sightseeing.

The mall was huge so I had a hard time finding my way back out, obviously, I took the wrong exit and saw a small street that I thought was just a small street, but apparently not. A security guy approached me in plainclothes and said I couldn’t walk there, and I was like who are you so I just ignored him. It’s not like he was wearing an ID tag or anything like that. The situation almost escalated and afterward, I couldn’t stop thinking why they didn’t just order some online at a site like https://www.easyidcards.com/ – it’s really not that hard and it’s not expensive either, not that the mall wouldn’t be able to afford it but well.

Night came up and I decided it was time for dinner, the hypocrite as I am going to Naga World to order a big steak which was excellent while still affordable at only 30 dollars, and it was absolutely delicious. They sure know how to cook over there.

Later in the evening I did some bar hopping and was quite impressed by what Phnom Penh has to offer. Definitely worth a return visit to explore the North of the country, think of Siem Reap, or Sihanoukville in the south, though I heard that’s a bit of a sleazy though beautiful place.

If you like to read more travel reports make sure to revisit this site. My next plan is to make a visa run in Laos in a couple of months from now so subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll update you as soon as I’m back. Have a good one!

Make Your Business a More Secure Place

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the security around your company. In this article we are going to discuss a couple of them to see how useful they really are, so without further ado, let’s get things thing started.

Know Your Data

Before you get started you need to label your data, as in sensitive, confidential, and a bunch of other labels you might want to assign to it. Once you know which data requires more security than others you can take additional measures like setting up firewalls to prevent this data being compromised.

Managing of Passwords

Your password is your entry into the system so needless to say these need to be secured in the best way possible. I recommend you use a certain type of encryption and store them in a password protected folder. You can also write them down and save them in a safe, since cryptocurrencies became a thing many people started to do just that. Let’s just hope they won’t rob your bank.

Train Your Staff

Hired employees can get rather sloppy with sensitive data, simply because they might not realize how sensitive it really is so spend a day, say twice a year, on educating your staff so that they are well aware of the do’s and do not’s around your business. If you don’t tell them who will?

Prepare for The Worst

Sometimes it’s time to actually hire a security agency to assist you with this as you might not realize how clever certain hackers are. Sure we all read stories about the FBI getting breached but why would such hacker choose you? Well, it’s not that simple, this FBI hacker might just be a hobby guy to see if he can pull it off or accidentally ran into an exploit. If there’s anything to get from your business they will dig a lot deeper and there’s a good chance your security gets breached without the help of experts.

Employee Identification

You might not have thought of this one but the easiest way to get into someone’s network is by simply plugging in a USB stick in a computer connected to your local network. You could get ID cards for your staffand doors locked with a security code so that intruders have no way of getting in. A closed circuit camera system is no unnecessity either as it could easily be your delivery man. I mean who knows what they do in their spare time.

Update Your Software

This should be the most obvious one of course but there are still ten thousands of companies running on an older version of Windows, Office, you name it, and those are ideal for hackers to target. Look at that situation that we had last time where hackers software was stolen from the FBI, whole school systems and sub-governments went down due to that breach. Easy as that.

Use The Cloud

Although its not 100% risk free, and definitely not an option to store highly sensitive data that you’d rather store offline, the cloud can still be a good place to store less sensitive data, the companies that provide those solutions make it secure for you. Especially useful for small businesses that don’t know where to start or that don’t have a large enough budget to hire security experts themselves.

I hope this article gave you some food for thought, and I would love to hear your opinion to make a company more secure in the comments below. Happy bug hunting!

How to Market Your Business Online

The internet is everything these days while printed press like newspapers and magazine are heavily on the decline. Literally, every printed magazine has an online magazine as well that’s way more popular. So no matter what kind of business you run, you can’t do without the internet. That’s why we’re going to look at some marketing strategies to get your business in front of the eyes of your prospect.

Search Engine Marketing

Google is awesome and provides the highest quality traffic you could ever wish for. For the simple reason that people who are searching themselves are a much easier target to sell to then people that randomly run into some site and see your banner.

You could say there are three main ranking factors: Content, Backlinks, User Experience.

Google eats up content, backlinks provide the needed authority, while the user experience gets measured as well to actually confirm the previous two. So leave no stone untouched when increasing your presence in Google.

Social Media Marketing

First, you have to define which platforms to use, for a dentist it might be wise to have a Facebook page, while for a lawyer a LinkedIn profile may have the preference. A wedding photographer is more likely to have accounts at sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and musicians, in turn, would opt for Youtube.

Just pick the platform where your customers are, and that relates best to your online business, and then simply go from there.

Just try to do it as legit as possible, it’s very easy to buy thousands of likes, followers, tweets, repins, and whatever other social signals that you can think of. But those artificial signals don’t do anything for you, at most they decrease your reach when your fan base consists largely of bot users. Facebook especially has a policy that if there’s hardly any engagement on your Facebook page that your reach drops dramatically. So try to do it the right way and focus on real people.

Display Marketing

This is probably the least effective way of marketing, it’s good for brand awareness of course but that’s about it. Don’t expect to convert your visitors now that many people use ad blockers, and of course, there’s the banner blindness. Especially if you target a younger tech-savvy user base.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A very effective way of marketing, similar to search engine marketing, the only difference is that you pay for each click. You enter a list of keywords that you bid on, and Google or Bing calculates the price you pay per click. Due to its nature, it’s highly targeted and as such highly converting as you can remove all the keywords that don’t convert at all.

Summing It Up

Display & social media marketing are more suitable to get your brand out there but don’t expect it to convert like crazy, for that you really need to focus on search engine marketing, whether it’s paid for or not.

Winter Isn’t All Bad

Winter can be a time of harsh weather and layers of clothes. The kids are going to miss days of school and it is going to be difficult to make it work and home safely. Everything that you do in the winter time is made exponentially more difficult because of the abundance of snow and ice. On the flip side to the difficulties, there are loads of great ways to have fun in the winter. These opportunities need to be seized on so that it doesn’t feel so long and miserable. Here are some great things to do and holidays to celebrate that will make the winter so much more memorable, for good reasons.

  1. Anyone who lives in a snow-laden area will tell you, it is a beautiful sight just after the snow stops falling and all is quiet. One of the things that a lot of people like to do is photography in the winter. Pictures of all white meadows backdropped by beautiful mountains are some of the greatest sceneries that a photographer could find. The famous photographer Ansell Adams made a career of taking black-and-white photos that captured the essence of the beauty of these types of moments and situations.
  2. There are some snowy nights where the kids are at grandma’s house and mom and dad are looking for a great way to spend their evening. There is never a bad way to do hot chocolate and a movie. They can’t go out for dinner (and who wants to when it is 10 degrees outside) so they have to create their date night in the house. A great dinner by candlelight, hot chocolate for dessert, and the latest movie release on Netflix is a great night.
  3. Then there are those times when the kids are home and mom and dad have to find a way to keep them busy in the house. Arts and crafts are a great way to do that. It is something fun for all ages, whether they are boys or girls. They can create decorations for an upcoming holiday or create beautiful gifts to give out for Christmas. Arts and crafts can take a lot of time and it is something that will force kids to use their imaginations. In all reality, arts and crafts can be fun for mom and dad too.
  4. Hitting the slopes is always an option, whether you ski, snowboard, or go snow tubing. It is a lot of fun to take the family up on the mountain and enjoy the great winter sports. Some people have to drive for hours in order to be able to do that just once, let alone do it throughout the season. There are not a lot of people who know how to ski or snowboard, and these are the people who go the tubing route. Snow tubing is so much fun and something that everyone is going to love.
  5. Ultimately, there are going to be those times when you just don’t want to leave the house but need to occupy the kids on a snow day. There are still great things to do right in the backyard. Snowball fights, snowmen, and snow forts can create hours of fun for the family. These are great things to do that will get people out the house, but no one is going to have to drive anywhere or spend any money. Being able to have great fun at home is always good for mom and dad.

There is still going to be those moments of researching the right snow blower to buy on sites such as Snow Shifts and figuring out what to do when school is canceled. One thing that people have to realize when they live in a region with a harsh winter environment, they can’t let it get them down for those long 4 or more months. There is so much to do and so many holidays to celebrate that it doesn’t have to be a miserable time. Winter can be a time of awesome fun, holidays (like Christmas and Valentine’s Day), and memories of family trips to the mountains.

Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

If you are a homeowner, you have certainly been in need of a plumber at one point in your life. Whether you are installing the first system in your new home or in need of repairs, plumbers can come in handy during emergencies. Even so, just like with any other contractors, hiring one requires some serious considerations, if you want your work done right. Below are some of the factors you need to know before hiring a plumber to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Do not hire based on cost

The biggest mistake you can make as a homeowner is to hire a plumber solely based on the amount he charges. The plumbing system in your home is as important as any other system. A simple leak can suddenly turn disastrous if left unattended for long. Thus, it’s important to hire professionals who know what they are doing by diagnosing and fixing the root problem.

Hence, it is important that you find the right balance between professionalism, experience, and cost. Some rooky plumbers may as well charge high costs and still deliver below par services. So, do not let your decision be influenced by the amount of money a contractor is charging. Look for qualified and experienced plumbers whose charges are well within your budget.

Tools and resources

Plumbing involves a lot of work, thus needing a wide range of tools. Having the right tools for a specific task ensures that the job is done right. Sadly, not all plumbers out there have the necessary equipment for varying plumbing works. They use wrong tools and end up doing shady work or not fixing the problem as required.

On the other hand, professional contractors such as http://ecoheatplumbing.co.uk/ are well equipped with the necessary tools and resources for various tasks. They also have an experienced, highly qualified, and skilled staff to help you fix all your plumbing problems. Therefore, make sure you conduct a background study of the plumber you intend to hire to ensure he is well equipped for the task at hand.

License and Insurance

In most states, plumbing contractors must be vetted and issued with a license. The vetting process involves seeing to it that the said plumber has attained the required education levels and training as required by the law. Therefore, by hiring a licensed plumber, you are hiring someone who has met the standards set by the licensing board.

In other words, he has proven his ability to tackle any kind of plumbing mishaps. As such, never hire a contractor without a license or one whose license has expired. That is because plumbers in most states are required to undertake continuous tests and education to retain an active license.

Insurance is also an important factor to consider. Hiring an insured plumber ensures that he or your home are covered should anything accidental or hazardous occur during the course of the work.

Finally, always be ready to ask for references before hiring any contractor. If any plumber hesitates to give out his references, consider it as a red flag. Most professional and skilled plumbers will happily give you a long list of satisfied clients who they have worked for in the past. You can also visit their websites to see if previous customers have left any positive reviews. Get in touch with such references and even pay them a visit if they live in your area to see first-hand the quality of work done by the contractor.

Tips to Prevent Common Household Fires

House fires can destroy your home infrastructure, belongings, cause bodily harm and even death. Neglect of electrical items and failure to observe simple safety precautions are the most common causes of household fires. And because your home is a significant investment, it makes perfect sense to protect it at all cost. The tips outlined below will help lessen the risk of a home fire:

Inspect the Wiring

Check all the electrical cords in your home regularly for signs of fraying wires. Also, avoid pinching or covering the electrical cords with items such as rugs. Know the total wattage of your home’s electrical system. Do not overload your circuits. Consider consulting an electrician if you’re unsure of your home’s electrical capacity. Other than that, learn the difference between surge protectors and power strips; both allow you to plug in multiple electronic devices. However, only a surge protector shields the devices from a power spike. Use surge protectors for devices such as televisions and personal computers.

In the Kitchen

Avoid leaving the pans or pots unattended on the stove. Keep the fire extinguisher in a strategic position that is easy to reach. Know how to use it as well. The stove and oven should be kept clean. Note – food deposits or cooking oil spills may ignite when the stove turned on for cooking.

The Clothes Dryer

Follow the directions in the manufacturer’s installation guide if you’re installing a dryer vent. Use the recommended duct material and if you’re unsure how to do it, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional. Clean the dryer on a regular basis. Wipe the lint filter after every load. The lint may also accumulate behind the dryer, thus do not forget to clean beneath the dryer as well.

Alternative Heating Sources

Do not use an older space heater; it may not be as safe compared to the new models. Be sure to check if a space heater you plan to buy has UL listing for safety. Avoid placing a space heater near the furniture, curtains or other highly flammable items. In case you want to install an alternative system, such as pellet or wood stove, ensure that you follow the installation instructions. Again, if you’re unsure, consider hiring a professional. Do not forget to check if the stove complies with the laws your state before installing.

On top of that, keep reviewing your homeowners’ insurance to ensure that it covers your home adequately against fires. Notify your insurance every time you purchase a new household item, so the sum assured can be adjusted accordingly.

Consider Using a Storage Facility

Even with the best precautions, you can’t rule out the possibility that a fire may occur. It is for this reason that you need to find a reliable storage facility within your locality to keep some valuables and some flammable items. That way, you can reduce the extent of financial loss in case of a fire. Speaking of which, visit www.smartlockstorage.com to read more about Smart Lock, a Radford-based storage facility with climate controlled units to keep your belongings safe for months upon months.

Steps to Save on Your Dream Wedding

Whether you wish for a traditional or western wedding, the wedding day should live up to your desires. It should give you memories that you will forever cherish, and leave the guests wishing they could emulate this day.

Getting married is not just an event – many people have recreated this scene in their minds for years, some since they were little kids. However, if not properly planned, it can be a costly affair and leave a dent in your finances.

Today we look at top ways to spend less and yet have a great time at your wedding.

Have a Budget

This cannot be emphasized so much, but you need to have a way to manage your expenses and track your spending.

Take time and come up with a realistic budget that takes into account all the items that you need in the wedding.

After you create the wedding budget, it is time to see what you need so much, what you need, and what you don’t need so much, and what you don’t need at all. This means you have to place the items in a list in terms of priority.

After you determine the list, the next thing is to make sure you know how many people are coming so that you determine what amount you need for each item.

Refine the Guest List

Family means everything especially when it comes to a wedding. To reduce the costs, you might have to determine who makes it to the guest list and who doesn’t. Depending on what you can afford, you have to come up with the right number of people for the slots.

The number of people to feature on the list should be from both sides of the family – yours and your partner’s. You can do this equally so that you don’t start off the married life in bad taste.

Find an Affordable Venue

The venue is one aspect of a wedding that you don’t have to compromise on. You need a venue that is suitable for the number of people and one that adds some much-needed oomph to the wedding.

The good news is that you can work with an affordable venue. The venue you choose comes to life because of the wedding decorations and the items that you use such as tables and linen. So, make sure you go for a venue that is large enough to accommodate the number of guests, and that is within your budget.

So, you need to move around and look at different venues before you settle on the right one. You can talk to the wedding planner to suggest some venues that are within the budget.

The venue should, however, provide all the amenities you need for the wedding. This eliminates the need to rent for items that can be found at the wedding. One of the ways to reduce the cost of the venue is to go for a garden wedding. This wedding eliminates the need for renting space by the hour.

With a garden wedding, you also have the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. The professional photographer you choose will have a field day utilizing the light and the different background to get the perfect shots. You can get a photographer from http://www.bluebendphotography.com/charlotte-wedding-photographers/.

Get Help with Catering

This is the time to prove whether your best friend knows how to cook as well as she says. To reduce the costs even further, you can approach your family and friends and ask them to be the caterers for the day. Many will gladly accept, but it is good to choose those that you know have some idea of cooking so that you don’t chase your guests away with lousy food made by Jane from next door.

Get a Friend to Be the MC

You can talk one of your friends to host the wedding. Being the MC’s task isn’t so tough in such an environment as long as he knows what comes next, and is not afraid to stand in front of people.

The Bottom-line

Weddings are expensive affairs, and you need to be tactful to get a perfect one on a budget. Make sure you follow these tips to achieve such a mean feat.