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Tips to Prevent Common Household Fires

House fires can destroy your home infrastructure, belongings, cause bodily harm and even death. Neglect of electrical items and failure to observe simple safety precautions are the most common causes of household fires. And because your home is a significant investment, it makes perfect sense to protect it at all cost. The tips outlined below will help lessen the risk of a home fire:

Inspect the Wiring

Check all the electrical cords in your home regularly for signs of fraying wires. Also, avoid pinching or covering the electrical cords with items such as rugs. Know the total wattage of your home’s electrical system. Do not overload your circuits. Consider consulting an electrician if you’re unsure of your home’s electrical capacity. Other than that, learn the difference between surge protectors and power strips; both allow you to plug in multiple electronic devices. However, only a surge protector shields the devices from a power spike. Use surge protectors for devices such as televisions and personal computers.

In the Kitchen

Avoid leaving the pans or pots unattended on the stove. Keep the fire extinguisher in a strategic position that is easy to reach. Know how to use it as well. The stove and oven should be kept clean. Note – food deposits or cooking oil spills may ignite when the stove turned on for cooking.

The Clothes Dryer

Follow the directions in the manufacturer’s installation guide if you’re installing a dryer vent. Use the recommended duct material and if you’re unsure how to do it, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional. Clean the dryer on a regular basis. Wipe the lint filter after every load. The lint may also accumulate behind the dryer, thus do not forget to clean beneath the dryer as well.

Alternative Heating Sources

Do not use an older space heater; it may not be as safe compared to the new models. Be sure to check if a space heater you plan to buy has UL listing for safety. Avoid placing a space heater near the furniture, curtains or other highly flammable items. In case you want to install an alternative system, such as pellet or wood stove, ensure that you follow the installation instructions. Again, if you’re unsure, consider hiring a professional. Do not forget to check if the stove complies with the laws your state before installing.

On top of that, keep reviewing your homeowners’ insurance to ensure that it covers your home adequately against fires. Notify your insurance every time you purchase a new household item, so the sum assured can be adjusted accordingly.

Consider Using a Storage Facility

Even with the best precautions, you can’t rule out the possibility that a fire may occur. It is for this reason that you need to find a reliable storage facility within your locality to keep some valuables and some flammable items. That way, you can reduce the extent of financial loss in case of a fire. Speaking of which, visit to read more about Smart Lock, a Radford-based storage facility with climate controlled units to keep your belongings safe for months upon months.

Steps to Save on Your Dream Wedding

Whether you wish for a traditional or western wedding, the wedding day should live up to your desires. It should give you memories that you will forever cherish, and leave the guests wishing they could emulate this day.

Getting married is not just an event – many people have recreated this scene in their minds for years, some since they were little kids. However, if not properly planned, it can be a costly affair and leave a dent in your finances.

Today we look at top ways to spend less and yet have a great time at your wedding.

Have a Budget

This cannot be emphasized so much, but you need to have a way to manage your expenses and track your spending.

Take time and come up with a realistic budget that takes into account all the items that you need in the wedding.

After you create the wedding budget, it is time to see what you need so much, what you need, and what you don’t need so much, and what you don’t need at all. This means you have to place the items in a list in terms of priority.

After you determine the list, the next thing is to make sure you know how many people are coming so that you determine what amount you need for each item.

Refine the Guest List

Family means everything especially when it comes to a wedding. To reduce the costs, you might have to determine who makes it to the guest list and who doesn’t. Depending on what you can afford, you have to come up with the right number of people for the slots.

The number of people to feature on the list should be from both sides of the family – yours and your partner’s. You can do this equally so that you don’t start off the married life in bad taste.

Find an Affordable Venue

The venue is one aspect of a wedding that you don’t have to compromise on. You need a venue that is suitable for the number of people and one that adds some much-needed oomph to the wedding.

The good news is that you can work with an affordable venue. The venue you choose comes to life because of the wedding decorations and the items that you use such as tables and linen. So, make sure you go for a venue that is large enough to accommodate the number of guests, and that is within your budget.

So, you need to move around and look at different venues before you settle on the right one. You can talk to the wedding planner to suggest some venues that are within the budget.

The venue should, however, provide all the amenities you need for the wedding. This eliminates the need to rent for items that can be found at the wedding. One of the ways to reduce the cost of the venue is to go for a garden wedding. This wedding eliminates the need for renting space by the hour.

With a garden wedding, you also have the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. The professional photographer you choose will have a field day utilizing the light and the different background to get the perfect shots. You can get a photographer from

Get Help with Catering

This is the time to prove whether your best friend knows how to cook as well as she says. To reduce the costs even further, you can approach your family and friends and ask them to be the caterers for the day. Many will gladly accept, but it is good to choose those that you know have some idea of cooking so that you don’t chase your guests away with lousy food made by Jane from next door.

Get a Friend to Be the MC

You can talk one of your friends to host the wedding. Being the MC’s task isn’t so tough in such an environment as long as he knows what comes next, and is not afraid to stand in front of people.

The Bottom-line

Weddings are expensive affairs, and you need to be tactful to get a perfect one on a budget. Make sure you follow these tips to achieve such a mean feat.

Places to Get Inspirational Wedding Music

Your wedding day is arguably one of the best days of your life. This is the day when your guests from different corners of the world come to witness you start the other part of your life – marriage and family. But the whole event comes with a host of challenges – you have to go through so many plans just to make the event rock.

One of the aspects that contribute to the success of the event is the kind of music that is played at the event. If you choose music that you don’t relate to, the chances are that you end up with a boring event that will go down in memory as one of the most boring weddings of all time.

As much as it is a crucial part of the wedding, it is not an easy task to handle, especially when you don’t have an idea of where to get inspiration. We have the solution for you, as you seek for the best wedding music, compare the following sources.

Radio Songs

If you are attentive enough, you usually listen to radio songs that have some meaning to you. And while you are at it, you identify a few songs that appeal to you. You can choose a few songs and use them for your wedding.

As a couple, you might have a few favorite songs, “your songs” that need to be incorporated into your wedding. While most of the songs that play on the radio are available in most music outlets, you can come up with a CD of the same. You need to get the samples to your friends to get an unbiased opinion.

Talk to the Wedding Singer

The next place to get inspiration is to make an appointment early in planning stages so that you can talk to the wedding singer. The wedding singer has been in many of the events and knows some of the best songs that you can use in the event. Take time to go through the suggestions so that you choose the perfect songs that will make your day perfect. You can choose the songs in the presence of your partner. You can get more information at

Find Some Inspiration on the Internet

The internet is awash with wedding song inspirations that you can go through. The best thing about the internet is you listen to the songs and decide which ones to download and what not to download. After downloading the songs, you can create a playlist for the day.

Family Members

Many times, you have to arrange a huge part of the wedding guests to be family and friends. Among the people that attend the wedding, some have already walked down the aisle, and went through the song selection just the way you are doing. Your friends, co-workers, and family members can be the right inspiration you need for the day.

Finally, the wedding planner can look in her archives to give you a collection for you to choose from. With these inspirations, you can’t go wrong at all.

Should I Choose an Induction Cooktop

It used to be that if you were looking for a new cooktop, your selection would be limited to either gas or electric. Happily, this is now no longer the case and there is a third option. Induction cooking. If you haven’t heard of this before, you may be wondering what on earth induction cooking is.

If you are looking for a new cooktop, the induction cooktop is certainly something to take into consideration. If you have always cooked with gas or electric, it is worth your time investigating induction cooking. You should check out the site Induction Select where you can find out the pros and cons of induction cooking along with reviews of the best induction cooktops.

What is Induction?

Before we look at an induction cooktop, we need to understand what induction is. Induction is short for electromagnetic induction. This means that electricity has been generated using magnetism.

Induction Cooking

When you cook with either gas or electric, your pots and pans are being heated indirectly by the element underneath. Induction directly heats the pots and pans as they are not being heated by an element underneath the pot, but the atoms that make up the pan are being heated.

An induction cooktop looks the same as a ceramic cooktop. Inside the glass cooktop is a coil of metal, at each place where you would sit your pot or pan.

When you switch the power on, the alternating current throws through the coil to produce a magnetic field. You need to place a pan on the space to produce some heat. The current then flows through the pan as well thereby warming both it and the contents. You need to use a pot or pan containing iron for the induction cooking method to work.

Benefits of Induction Cooking

  • Cooks quickly. Induction elements heat up far quicker than any other type of cooking.
  • Loses less heat. As the element only heats the pan, there is no wasted heat from putting a small pan on a large element.
  • More efficient. As you are cooking directly rather than indirectly, more of the energy is actually heating the contents of the pan.
  • An induction cooktop has a wider range of temperatures than gas or electric.
  • As soon as you remove the pan, the element starts to cool.
  • Easier to clean. Because the electromagnetic field is heating the actual pot, and not the element, our cooker surface stays cooler. This makes it far easier to clean your cooker surface after use as spots and spills wipe off easily as they are not burnt on.

Drawbacks of Induction Cooking

  • More expensive. Your initial layout is still more expensive than gas or electric. However, remember that your overall running costs will be less.
  • Don’t know that it is on. Because your pots and pans are being heated via an electromagnetic field, this doesn’t create a glow like gas or electric heating elements. You therefore don’t know that the element is on and working. Some manufacturers add either additional light or flame to let you know that the element is on and hot.
  • Only works with certain pots and pans. If you have an expensive set of copper or glass pots and pans, you would be disappointed to learn that they wouldn’t work with your new induction cookertop. Only iron based pots and pans work with induction cooking. If you are unsure, if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, you can cook with it on your induction hob.
  • The noise. Many induction cookers emit an audible hum or buzz. This gets louder the more the element is turned up. Not only that, but you will hear a clicking sound when the element is turned down low and there is also the noise of the cooling fan. Some people aren’t bothered or barely hear these sounds. Other people find them very annoying.

Induction cooking may have been an expensive option that you could only dream about. As the prices are dropping, this is now far more affordable. Yes, there are drawbacks to cooking by induction as opposed to gas or electric, but you can see that the benefits far outweigh the few drawbacks.

Moving into Your First Apartment

There are a lot of different stages that people go through in their lives. There is going off to college, getting married, having kids, and retirement. Each one brings its’ own sets of difficulties and necessities to get it done.One of the most exciting times will be when you have decided to finally move out on your own for the first time. This can be very exciting and very stressful all at the same time.

You have gone through the process of saving up, shopping for an apartment, and finally putting your name on the dotted line to make the apartment yours. Then you have to get the utilities turned on and get you apartment set up to move in. One part of the process that a lot of people over look is the shopping for all of the things that you will need in each room in order to have a fully functional home. Each room has its’ own set of requirements that you are going to want to get at some point so that you can live comfortably in your new home.

Your bedroom is going to be you place of relaxation and peace. The place where you lay your head and maintain your own private space. There are numerous things that you will need for your bedroom. You are definitely going to need your bed but you need to know how big the room is so you know how big of a bed will fit. You are going to need to account for the other furniture that you may want to put in there like a dresser and bedside table.

Then it’s time to think about the living room. This will be the place where you hangout with your friends and have your get togethers. You are going to want to make sure that you have seating and comfort all at the same time. You will also need to factor in the size of the room before you decide on what type and what size furniture you put in here. You will want to consider a couch, loveseat, end tables, and an entertainment system for the television.

Then there is the kitchen. The kitchen will require a lot of different supplies in order for you to be able to cook your meals because having the right tools makes a job easier. When you are moving out for the first time you may not be aware of the best types of appliances and silverware to buy because you always had mom’s. Websites like Cut It Fine will help you to learn a little bit about the different tools you will want and need in your kitchen. This will also me determined by the amount of time you will spend in there and the type of cooking you like to do. It all depends on the person and their life situation.

Lastly, there is the bathroom. This room may not require as much furniture, but this room will require supplies. Take a look at mom and dad’s bathroom and get an idea of what you need. Laundry hamper, bathroom organizers, and different types of towels are the things that you are going to need for your bathroom. If it is a small bathroom you will want to consider how you will get extra storage space in there with things like a shelving unit that goes behind the toilet. It may sound like a no big deal room but there are important person hygiene things that you will need to stock your bathroom for.

Moving into your first apartment will give you a lot of freedoms that you never had. One of the things that you will get to explore is your interior design taste. You will get to decorate your apartment in the way that suits you and that makes you happy. Explore some magazines and different websites for some great ideas. There are some awesome styles that reflect your personality and taste. One of the important parts of decorating your apartment is to make it what you want so that your home can be your sanctuary from the crazy world.

Living in an apartment also means that you will have limited space and not a lot of storage space. There are a lot of ways to utilize the space that you do have like the walls and closets. There are great homewares you can buy for small spaces that help you to have storage space for everything that you need. If you handle it right, you may even find space for an apartment garden and a pet. It will take organization skills and diligence to live in a small space, but you will be able to figure it out.

The major factor to all of this is your budget. You may not be able to get all of this stuff at once and that is no big deal. It may take you time to get your first apartment to where you want it to be but that can be one of the things that you are working towards. Your budget is an important part of how to handle everything, so take your budget seriously and stick to it. You budget will include groceries, rent, transportation, and utility bills, all of the extra stuff may require you to start a savings so that you can do what you want to do with your apartment.

The Importance of Proper Weaning of Your Dog

Puppies bring exciting times to any home. However, you need to make sure you wean the puppy from the mother in the right way so that you can rear the puppy the right way. The right weaning also makes it easy to train the puppies when the right time comes. You also give the mother dog the right environment to rear her puppies.

Purchasing a Puppy

As a new owner of a puppy, it is vital that you are careful not to purchase a puppy that the seller has taken away from the mother dog too soon. Getting the puppy from its mother earlier than required will be detrimental to the health of the puppy. You need to know that the puppy acquires life lessons and antibodies that fight against diseases from its mother. You need a puppy that has been weaned the right way.

Basic Doggy Skills

The mother dog is responsible when it comes to teaching her puppies doggy manners. This happens between 3 and 7 weeks of age. The mother dog teaches the puppy what is right and what is wrong. For example, after the puppy is done teething, the mother dog teaches the puppy how to go easy on feeding. The mother dog will show her disapproval in various ways including baring its teeth to snarling.

The mother dog will continue with the behavior until the moment she desires the puppies go off on their own. In summary, the puppies learn all there is about lip reading, bite inhibition and basic dog language.

The Importance of the Litter

Puppies also learn a lot from other puppies present in the litter. Playtime at this stage is vital for the proper growth of the puppies. While they play, one of the puppies might become temperamental when one puppy bites another too hard. Puppies that haven’t had the lessons learned in a litter will find it hard to accept discipline during training.

Early separation Problems

One of the issues that pet owners face when it comes to training is the threat of being bitten by the puppy. This happens especially when handling dogs that were separated from their family at the right time. These animals tend to identify much more with their handlers than other animals.

These dogs don’t know that they are animals and will associate with humans more than animals. The dogs will be aggressive towards other pets, bark excessively, be hard to train and be nervous.

What Should You Do?

When you are faced with a puppy that was separated from its mother dog at the right time, you need to use different tools and accessories to make sure you train them the right way. A long time ago, you had to scour the internet and pet stores to get what you need. Times have changed, and imagine you can now get all the tools, ranging from whelping boxes to kennels from PetNap!

The Bottom-line

Finding the right puppy isn’t all about going and buying one from the seller. You need to make sure it is the right kind of puppy that will give you an easy time when it comes to training.

Lack of IDs Can Ruin an Institution

Lack of IDs Can Ruin an Institution

Everyone is aware of how crucial IDs are in the modern society. But, has anyone ever imagined what would happen to an institution that does not utilize an ID? Well, it is clear that there will be negative consequences, but to be more specific, here they are:

Difficulty of Identifying Personnel

One clear issue is that it will be difficult to identify personnel without IDs. After all, people rely too much on documents, as these are actual proof of identity. Now, without them, there would be less order in an institution since supervisors would have to rely on their memory to distinguish individuals.

Lack of Security

Since there is no actual evidence of one’s identity, people have to resort to memorizing faces as well as verbal statements. However, these are not reliable, and it is easier for unauthorized personnel to get inside the institution. Furthermore, there is an increased likelihood of theft and property damage since culprits can get away with them.

Segregating Personnel from Visitors

Without IDs, it is difficult to distinguish the personnel of the institutions from visitors. As such, it would lead to confusion during instances in which other companies would come to visit. Anyway, lack of segregation can be somewhat detrimental since it can disrupt the order in the workplace.

Inefficient Workflow

Since people need to spend time figuring out who is who, the workflow is inefficient. At work, every second does count, and each moment spent trying to recall the identity of a person subtracts the productivity. Also, the wrong roles can be assigned to someone, which further disrupts the flow of work.

Lack of Unity

When there is no common identity, it is only natural to assume a lack of unity. When nothing binds people together, cooperation becomes less smooth. And for an institution who wishes to be competitive, they will fail their goals since its workers lack an identity.

Also, some studies indicate that people cooperate better when others call them by their name. And without IDs, it becomes difficult to identify someone right away. As such, there would be minimal camaraderie among the workers of the institution.

No Additional Features

IDs tend to have additional features, such as magnetic stripes and such. Even access to certain parts of a facility can be done via ID scans. However, without them, it is difficult to provide extra benefits to employees.

Creating IDs is Easy

Now that you are aware of the importance of IDs, you should implement their use. You can print IDs either locally or by choosing an online service. If you would prefer a suggestion, have a look at as they offer quality services.


Without IDs, institutions would go on the path to ruin, since the modern society requires them. Your institution would have a difficulty of identifying personnel, lack of security and segregation, inefficient workflow, lack of unity, and there will be no additional features. Thus, you should choose to implement an ID program in your workplace, if you still have not.

Preparing Your Kitchen for the Approaching Holiday Season

Preparing Your Kitchen for the Approaching Holiday Season

The end of the year approaches, and for many of us, this means the holiday season. This is the time of year when we prepare enormous amounts of food and eat until we enter the annual food coma. It’s a lot of work to prepare such a meal, especially if you have a large family. But there are steps you can take to prepare your kitchen for the holiday craziness beforehand, saving you time and effort down the road.

Clean Your Oven—And Good!

If you have a self-cleaning oven, make sure you run it through a cycle before you start cooking your holiday meal. It’s generally best if you turn on the cleaning cycle late at night and let it run while you’re sleeping. A self-cleaning oven generates a lot of heat, too, so be prepared for that. And don’t forget, once the cycle is done and the oven is cool, it will need to be wiped out to remove all the ash left from the cleaning process.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven, you’ll have to do it by hand with patience and elbow grease. There are cleaning sprays, both hot and cold, available to help you remove grease and burned on food.

Don’t forget to wipe down the door and window, if any, so you can keep an eye on food as it cooks.

Make Sure Your Knives are Sharp!

Your knives will be in frequent use during holiday cooking, so you should make sure they’re all clean and razor-sharp. You’re more likely to use a knife for chopping (onions, peppers, etc.) and carving (for your turkey or ham), so if these need to be replaced, it’s best to do it beforehand. Check out for some excellent information about carving knives.

A sharp knife will make carving hard foods like vegetables much easier, and when cutting a turkey or ham, a sharp carving knife will make smooth, even cuts.

Inventory Your Kitchen Utensils

This is an excellent time of year to take an inventory of all your kitchen utensils and replace what might be worn out. If you’re cooking turkey for the holiday, you’ll want to make sure you have a good turkey baster. Verify that your can opener works properly, locate your measuring spoons and cups, and gather together all the things you frequently use. Having all these utensils together in one place will save you time as you bustle around the kitchen.

Get Prepped for the Leftovers

One of the best parts about holiday cooking is the leftovers, and there are usually a LOT! So, make sure you have lots of small containers, zipper bags, and/or plastic wrap so you can stow the leftover food in your fridge or freezer without taking up a lot of space. You can even use butcher’s tape to label each container if you want. You can also buy cheap plastic containers to send leftovers home with your guests, and they’ll have reusable containers to use at home.

Check Your Spice Rack

Verify that you have all the spices and seasonings that you like to use over the holidays. Many times, these spices will become harder to find the closer we get to the holiday season. So, it’s best to stock up on them earlier in the year. Check that the spices haven’t gotten too hard or clumped to use. This includes stocking up on extra staples like sugar and flour.

Clean Out That Refrigerator!

This is an excellent time to do a full cleaning of your refrigerator and freezer, including a defrosting, if necessary. You’ll be filling your fridge with all the leftovers, so you’ll want plenty of space to put them. It’s also a good idea to dump the ice in your ice maker, if you have one, and let it build up fresh ice.

Sanitize Your Stinky Sink Drain

You probably don’t think about your sink drain unless it clogs up. But here’s a quick and easy way to clean and deodorize your drain. Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by ½ to ¾ cup white vinegar. Use a sink stopper to keep the foam in the drain and pipe for up to an hour. Pour a kettle full of boiling water down each side to rinse it, and you’re done!

Gather Your Recipes

If you cook from recipes rather than memory, grab all the ones you use during the holidays into one place. Replace or rewrite any recipes that are too difficult to read. Go over each recipe and make a shopping list for things you don’t have on hand. This helps to avoid forgetting an important ingredient and having to run out last-minute to find it.

Getting your kitchen ready for the bustle of the holiday season doesn’t have to be a huge chore. A few simple steps taken in the weeks leading up to the holiday will help save you time when it comes down to the business of cooking for your family.

Do’s and Dont’s of Feeding Your Horse Treats

Do’s and Dont’s of Feeding Your Horse Treats

All of us appreciate an occasional treat – a warm brownie right out of the oven, a slice of watermelon on a warm summer day – and a horse isn’t any different. He’ll like a treat from you every once and a while, or even on a regular basis in small quantities. We’ll share treats with horses to say thank you for a task well done, because a reward while training, and let us admit it – feeding these treats to our animals makes us also feel great.

There isn’t anything wrong with treating a horse, as he deserves it, and you do too. However, there are a few guidelines to use while choosing the kind of treats for your horse, as well as the feeding amount and frequency.

Choose healthy fruits and vegetables as treats

Those taste good to the horse and usually are close to food sources they consume in their regular diet, so odds of digestive upset are decreased.

Only feed a small quantity. Feeding the horse fifteen large carrots at one time might make more of a meal than a treat. For the average-sized horse, a couple of carrots are enough. Feeding an overabundance of any treat may have poor effects on a balanced diet such as reducing protein content, increasing starch levels and diluting minerals and vitamins. Additionally, too much of specific treats may cause serious digestive upset and even laminitis or colic.

Feed sparingly, as treats only are special when they aren’t available all of the time; feeding treats by free choice will defeat the purpose.

Good Treats: What do they consist of?

Healthy snacks such as carrots, apple slices, and hay cubes are great places to begin for a treat. Most horses even enjoy bananas.

Commercially designed horse treats may be a favorite for most horses and they might travel and store better than fresh vegetables or fruit while you are on the road.

A sugar cube is a traditional (though not healthy) horse treat.

What Treats to Avoid

Do not feed lawn clippings (they may contain poisonous plants, may cause choking, and drastically can change the hindgut’s pH)

  • Cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage may cause serious gas if fed in larger quantities
  • Tomatoes and potatoes are nightshade family members and while a few individuals report feeding them without any issues it’s better to avoid them.
  • Do not feed unpitted stone fruits, as their pits may cause choking.
  • Chocolate – while the horse might love it, chocolate may produce a positive result within a drug test.
  • Donuts, fresh bread, etc. – they may become a doughy mass inside the digestive tract and lead to a blockage.
  • Sweet Feed (COB and unfortified sweet grains) quickly can unbalance the diet as enough is given as a “treat”.

Do not offer treats to strange horses. The horse might have a medical problem which disallows specific food types. Some owners do not believe in giving treats at all. Dispose of all food wrappings out of reach of the horse. A bag that smells of sticky peppermints might be eaten and produce a deadly blockage.

Horses will consume surprisingly odd foods-from ice cream to roast beef sandwiches. Horses historically have been given some weird things to survive—such as fish. But, they’re herbivores-animals whose system of digestion is geared to digesting soft plant matter and grass. Even though some may consume those things without any apparent ill effects, it always is best to stick with treats similar to their natural food sources.

While feeding treats, keep in mind the acronym A.I.M. – that is, Always In Moderation. Keep the treats as close as possible to their natural food sources.

Which Rice Cooker is Best For You

Which Rice Cooker is Best For You?

Rice is a favorite food for most people, but many don’t get to enjoy this meal because whenever they try to cook it, they end up with under or overcooked rice that sticks to the pan. This is enough to discourage you from cooking rice however much you like it. But if you enjoy rice and you are looking for a way to cook it better, you can buy a rice cooker that has multiple functions and comes in various sizes.

How you know the size and type of cooker to choose depends on a wide variety of options. Let us look at the various factors that determine your purchase decision.

The Size

Which size should you choose especially if you have never used a rice cooker before? Well, pick the right size depending on the job at hand. For instance, if you plan to cook the rice only for one person, choose a smaller cooker. However, if you plan to prepare meals for the whole family or you have visitors regularly, you need a bigger cooker for the task. One of the best cookers to use in the home is the Zojirushi rice cooker, which comes with a range of features, some that we shall discuss in this article.

Non-stick Pan

One of the features to look for when buying the cooker is an inner surface that doesn’t stick. If you have ever tried cooking rice on a pan that has a sticky inner surface, you know that the rice ends up sticking harder than glue, making it difficult to clean the pan.

You want to have an easy time cleaning the cooker after every cooking session. All you want is to wash it and rinse it off ready for the next cooking session.

Even Heat Distribution

One way to make your rice cook evenly is by making sure the heat is distributed consistently across the cooking pan. The best rice cookers use a process called heat induction to promote even heat distribution. Others make use of a technology called fuzzy logic that senses when the temperature needs to be redistributed and modifies it as necessary. This makes sure the rice is cooked right each time.

The Timer

Imagine placing the rice in your cooker and setting the timer for the rice to get ready in a specified period. All you need is to determine how long you need to rice to cook and set the timer to this effect. This nifty little setting eliminates the need to monitor the food, waiting for it to cook. The timer switches off the cooking process once the time elapses.

The timer allows you to cook various types of rice without the need to switch the cooking appliance. All you need is to understand how long each kind of rice will cook for.

A Wide Range of Settings

The rice cooker comes with a console that holds various buttons for changing the cooking settings. You use the console to activate and deactivate the cooking options. These options allow you to come up with cooking settings exactly as specified in any rice recipe. It also gives you the ability to prepare rice to exact nutritional specifications so that the food retains its essential nutrients.

Another nifty setting is the one that allows you to keep the food warm while you wait to serve it. You also get to activate this feature using an inbuilt timer.

Final Thoughts

With so many rice cooker options available on the market, you need to know what to choose. Whatever decision you make, you need to be careful that you don’t compromise the quality of the cooker just to save a few dollars.