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May 2019

Wrong Fueling and Its Consequences Today

Wrong Fueling and Its Consequences

Wrong fuelling is a £3,000 mistake that 150,000 Brits are making every year. On paper, it appears like a simple blunder but it could potentially land you a hefty bill and damage your vehicle. And, it is even affecting the United Kingdom’s police, leading to the loss of thousands of pounds of taxpayer’s money.

The results of a new report suggest that you can avoid such cases if you took a couple of extra moment to concentrate on the pump. The AA notes that refueling mishaps occur about once every three minutes in the UK.

What’s the Potential Damage?

Refueling petrol in a diesel engine may lead to critical damage to your car. For starters, petrol acts as a solvent and may push small metallic particles from the fuel pump to the engine. It reduces lubrication on the system as well. And if you turn on the engine, you’ll increase circulation through the fuel system, spreading contamination to other parts.

The damage isn’t as severe when you put diesel in a petrol car. If you start the engine, the diesel will form a cover over the fuel system and spark plugs. It’ll also cause misfiring. Some of the signs to look out for include a thick smoke coming out of the engine area. On top of that, your vehicle may come to a sudden halt or fail to start at all.

Panic is the Last Thing You Need

You shouldn’t panic. It is not going to help you.  Sure, you may want to sit in your car, hit the steering wheel and let out some rage. Even then, don’t waste a lot of time. Move your vehicle on the side of the road and get in touch with a wrong fuel recovery service.

The idea is to ensure that you get the wrong fuel drained out your fuel tank as quickly as possible. Think of it as a way to prevent further damage and flush out the contaminated fuel while cleaning the system. Any draining company worth your attention should have the correct equipment to get the job done.

Remember to ask how soon the service will arrive and if they have a station nearby. At the very least, you should get help within one or two hours if you choose the right company. Visit FuelDoctorUK to read more about one of the most trusted fuel recovery services in the United Kingdom and what they have to offer.

Remember, you’re going to reduce damage and by extension the cost if you get rid of the wrong fuel a few hours after the mistake happens.

What Tools Should you Keep in your Car?

As stated, there’s every probability that you’ll make a refueling error soon or later. It makes perfect sense, therefore to have tools that will help you reduce the extent of damage as you wait for a recovery service.

A Siphon

A siphon kit will come in handy when you put the wrong fuel in your care. You only need to ensure that you’re using the spark free model. Drain the diesel (or petrol) in a suitable container and dispose it of properly.

Gravity Drain

Some vehicle models have an integrated drainage plug on the fuel tank. And, because it is on the underside of your tank, all you need to do is to raise the car slightly. Place a drainage pan below it to get rid of the contaminated fuel.  Fix the cap back and lock it tightly to prevent leakages.

What Next?

These two methods will remove most of the wrong fuel in your car. And, if you didn’t turn on the engine, everything should be fine.  Flush your system with the correct fuel and get new filters.  Watch out for a drop in performance as it could be an indication that there’s some wrong fuel left in the tank.

How to Minimize Refueling Mistakes in the Future

There are a couple of things that you can do to drive down the likelihood of putting the wrong fuel in your car.

Get Colored Stickers

Yes. It doesn’t sound the brightest thing to do but it works. So, place a cover on top or near your fuel cover. The most popular colors include black for diesel and green for petrol. Think of it as a warning that’ll stop you in your tracks every your about to make a refuel mistake.

Invest in an Adaptor

You can opt for a plastic adaptor and fit into your fuel tank hole. The devices work by denying the pump nozzle access to the fuel tank in case you pick the wrong one. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to burn through your wallet to get a good adaptor.

In conclusion, making a refueling error isn’t the end of the world as they say. You only need to know what to do.