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December 2018

3 Ways to Get Your Children Safe at School

3 Ways to Get Your Children Safe at School

Although school isn’t exactly starting this time of year they still need to go to school every day so this posts could be written on any day really as it’s never too late to make some changes to your daily patterns and perhaps there’s some coordination needed with other parents so why not bring up the topic during the new year reception that’s soon to follow?

Converting a Minibus to a Mini School Bus

Most schools have budgets for the well-being of their students, so it’s important to discuss this with all required parties up front, maybe you can get in touch with other parents before speaking with the school about it as the budget probably doesn’t reach far enough to purchase and convert a minibus.

However, if you are truly caring about your children you don’t have to think about a driver as the parents can do that themselves in shifts and save a lot of money that way. The only investment is purchasing the bus and converting it.

You could suggest to your school to split the costs 50/50, a large minivan can seat 12 people so if you can find 12 parents you’re looking at an investment of a few thousand dollars a person and can make an agreement with the school that they can keep the mini school bus once your kids moves to high-school or college.

Now, this idea would be lucrative enough if your child is in first grade, otherwise, it’s probably too large of an investment to justify it.

Hiring a Private Taxi in a Group

If your kids are 4th, 5th, or 6th graders this might be a better option, kids are small so at least four should be able to fit on the back seat and one on the passenger chair as the law doesn’t allow for more and you want to keep your children safe of course as that’s what this post is all about in the first place.

Once again, just hit up some parents during the new year reception and throw it in the group, if everyone lives close enough and you make a deal with a taxi company for five times a week and the costs will be split in five it’s probably affordable enough. Not that you have to do it all year round, but in the winter months you don’t want your kid to drive his/her bicycle in the cold, rain, and sometimes snowy days do you?

Not Everyone Can Afford Everything

When you start thinking about ideas and discussing it do keep in mind that all parents would love for their kids to arrive safely at school but we don’t all fit the same budget. If you know one of the parents is short on budget but does own a vehicle you could suggest to pay for the gasoline and a small fee for bringing the kids and picking them up.

A small amount like $5/ride, with gasoline, paid extra nets such parent $10/day, that’s an extra $200/month for less than an hour of work. This can make a huge change for people that receive social security of barely a thousand dollars a month so why not help hem and let them help you at the same time. Definitely a win-win situation for all parties involved, and once again if you can split it with 4 other parents you’re talking about only 3-4 dollars a day (yep I didn’t forget to include the price of gasoline or diesel).