Make Your Business a More Secure Place

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the security around your company. In this article we are going to discuss a couple of them to see how useful they really are, so without further ado, let’s get things thing started.

Know Your Data

Before you get started you need to label your data, as in sensitive, confidential, and a bunch of other labels you might want to assign to it. Once you know which data requires more security than others you can take additional measures like setting up firewalls to prevent this data being compromised.

Managing of Passwords

Your password is your entry into the system so needless to say these need to be secured in the best way possible. I recommend you use a certain type of encryption and store them in a password protected folder. You can also write them down and save them in a safe, since cryptocurrencies became a thing many people started to do just that. Let’s just hope they won’t rob your bank.

Train Your Staff

Hired employees can get rather sloppy with sensitive data, simply because they might not realize how sensitive it really is so spend a day, say twice a year, on educating your staff so that they are well aware of the do’s and do not’s around your business. If you don’t tell them who will?

Prepare for The Worst

Sometimes it’s time to actually hire a security agency to assist you with this as you might not realize how clever certain hackers are. Sure we all read stories about the FBI getting breached but why would such hacker choose you? Well, it’s not that simple, this FBI hacker might just be a hobby guy to see if he can pull it off or accidentally ran into an exploit. If there’s anything to get from your business they will dig a lot deeper and there’s a good chance your security gets breached without the help of experts.

Employee Identification

You might not have thought of this one but the easiest way to get into someone’s network is by simply plugging in a USB stick in a computer connected to your local network. You could get ID cards for your staffand doors locked with a security code so that intruders have no way of getting in. A closed circuit camera system is no unnecessity either as it could easily be your delivery man. I mean who knows what they do in their spare time.

Update Your Software

This should be the most obvious one of course but there are still ten thousands of companies running on an older version of Windows, Office, you name it, and those are ideal for hackers to target. Look at that situation that we had last time where hackers software was stolen from the FBI, whole school systems and sub-governments went down due to that breach. Easy as that.

Use The Cloud

Although its not 100% risk free, and definitely not an option to store highly sensitive data that you’d rather store offline, the cloud can still be a good place to store less sensitive data, the companies that provide those solutions make it secure for you. Especially useful for small businesses that don’t know where to start or that don’t have a large enough budget to hire security experts themselves.

I hope this article gave you some food for thought, and I would love to hear your opinion to make a company more secure in the comments below. Happy bug hunting!