How to Market Your Business Online

The internet is everything these days while printed press like newspapers and magazine are heavily on the decline. Literally, every printed magazine has an online magazine as well that’s way more popular. So no matter what kind of business you run, you can’t do without the internet. That’s why we’re going to look at some marketing strategies to get your business in front of the eyes of your prospect.

Search Engine Marketing

Google is awesome and provides the highest quality traffic you could ever wish for. For the simple reason that people who are searching themselves are a much easier target to sell to then people that randomly run into some site and see your banner.

You could say there are three main ranking factors: Content, Backlinks, User Experience.

Google eats up content, backlinks provide the needed authority, while the user experience gets measured as well to actually confirm the previous two. So leave no stone untouched when increasing your presence in Google.

Social Media Marketing

First, you have to define which platforms to use, for a dentist it might be wise to have a Facebook page, while for a lawyer a LinkedIn profile may have the preference. A wedding photographer is more likely to have accounts at sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and musicians, in turn, would opt for Youtube.

Just pick the platform where your customers are, and that relates best to your online business, and then simply go from there.

Just try to do it as legit as possible, it’s very easy to buy thousands of likes, followers, tweets, repins, and whatever other social signals that you can think of. But those artificial signals don’t do anything for you, at most they decrease your reach when your fan base consists largely of bot users. Facebook especially has a policy that if there’s hardly any engagement on your Facebook page that your reach drops dramatically. So try to do it the right way and focus on real people.

Display Marketing

This is probably the least effective way of marketing, it’s good for brand awareness of course but that’s about it. Don’t expect to convert your visitors now that many people use ad blockers, and of course, there’s the banner blindness. Especially if you target a younger tech-savvy user base.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A very effective way of marketing, similar to search engine marketing, the only difference is that you pay for each click. You enter a list of keywords that you bid on, and Google or Bing calculates the price you pay per click. Due to its nature, it’s highly targeted and as such highly converting as you can remove all the keywords that don’t convert at all.

Summing It Up

Display & social media marketing are more suitable to get your brand out there but don’t expect it to convert like crazy, for that you really need to focus on search engine marketing, whether it’s paid for or not.