The Importance of Proper Weaning of Your Dog

Puppies bring exciting times to any home. However, you need to make sure you wean the puppy from the mother in the right way so that you can rear the puppy the right way. The right weaning also makes it easy to train the puppies when the right time comes. You also give the mother dog the right environment to rear her puppies.

Purchasing a Puppy

As a new owner of a puppy, it is vital that you are careful not to purchase a puppy that the seller has taken away from the mother dog too soon. Getting the puppy from its mother earlier than required will be detrimental to the health of the puppy. You need to know that the puppy acquires life lessons and antibodies that fight against diseases from its mother. You need a puppy that has been weaned the right way.

Basic Doggy Skills

The mother dog is responsible when it comes to teaching her puppies doggy manners. This happens between 3 and 7 weeks of age. The mother dog teaches the puppy what is right and what is wrong. For example, after the puppy is done teething, the mother dog teaches the puppy how to go easy on feeding. The mother dog will show her disapproval in various ways including baring its teeth to snarling.

The mother dog will continue with the behavior until the moment she desires the puppies go off on their own. In summary, the puppies learn all there is about lip reading, bite inhibition and basic dog language.

The Importance of the Litter

Puppies also learn a lot from other puppies present in the litter. Playtime at this stage is vital for the proper growth of the puppies. While they play, one of the puppies might become temperamental when one puppy bites another too hard. Puppies that haven’t had the lessons learned in a litter will find it hard to accept discipline during training.

Early separation Problems

One of the issues that pet owners face when it comes to training is the threat of being bitten by the puppy. This happens especially when handling dogs that were separated from their family at the right time. These animals tend to identify much more with their handlers than other animals.

These dogs don’t know that they are animals and will associate with humans more than animals. The dogs will be aggressive towards other pets, bark excessively, be hard to train and be nervous.

What Should You Do?

When you are faced with a puppy that was separated from its mother dog at the right time, you need to use different tools and accessories to make sure you train them the right way. A long time ago, you had to scour the internet and pet stores to get what you need. Times have changed, and imagine you can now get all the tools, ranging from whelping boxes to kennels from PetNap!

The Bottom-line

Finding the right puppy isn’t all about going and buying one from the seller. You need to make sure it is the right kind of puppy that will give you an easy time when it comes to training.