Which Rice Cooker is Best For You?

Rice is a favorite food for most people, but many don’t get to enjoy this meal because whenever they try to cook it, they end up with under or overcooked rice that sticks to the pan. This is enough to discourage you from cooking rice however much you like it. But if you enjoy rice and you are looking for a way to cook it better, you can buy a rice cooker that has multiple functions and comes in various sizes.

How you know the size and type of cooker to choose depends on a wide variety of options. Let us look at the various factors that determine your purchase decision.

The Size

Which size should you choose especially if you have never used a rice cooker before? Well, pick the right size depending on the job at hand. For instance, if you plan to cook the rice only for one person, choose a smaller cooker. However, if you plan to prepare meals for the whole family or you have visitors regularly, you need a bigger cooker for the task. One of the best cookers to use in the home is the Zojirushi rice cooker, which comes with a range of features, some that we shall discuss in this article.

Non-stick Pan

One of the features to look for when buying the cooker is an inner surface that doesn’t stick. If you have ever tried cooking rice on a pan that has a sticky inner surface, you know that the rice ends up sticking harder than glue, making it difficult to clean the pan.

You want to have an easy time cleaning the cooker after every cooking session. All you want is to wash it and rinse it off ready for the next cooking session.

Even Heat Distribution

One way to make your rice cook evenly is by making sure the heat is distributed consistently across the cooking pan. The best rice cookers use a process called heat induction to promote even heat distribution. Others make use of a technology called fuzzy logic that senses when the temperature needs to be redistributed and modifies it as necessary. This makes sure the rice is cooked right each time.

The Timer

Imagine placing the rice in your cooker and setting the timer for the rice to get ready in a specified period. All you need is to determine how long you need to rice to cook and set the timer to this effect. This nifty little setting eliminates the need to monitor the food, waiting for it to cook. The timer switches off the cooking process once the time elapses.

The timer allows you to cook various types of rice without the need to switch the cooking appliance. All you need is to understand how long each kind of rice will cook for.

A Wide Range of Settings

The rice cooker comes with a console that holds various buttons for changing the cooking settings. You use the console to activate and deactivate the cooking options. These options allow you to come up with cooking settings exactly as specified in any rice recipe. It also gives you the ability to prepare rice to exact nutritional specifications so that the food retains its essential nutrients.

Another nifty setting is the one that allows you to keep the food warm while you wait to serve it. You also get to activate this feature using an inbuilt timer.

Final Thoughts

With so many rice cooker options available on the market, you need to know what to choose. Whatever decision you make, you need to be careful that you don’t compromise the quality of the cooker just to save a few dollars.