Fabric Paint Spray Creates New Hobbies

Today’s world is much more conscious about the environment and their impact on it. People understand, now more than ever, that choices and decisions they make can have a much larger effect on the world around them. Because of this increased awareness, people have begun a great trend of repurposing things. People patrol social media posts and Facebook for great ideas on how to reuse and repurpose things that, in the past would have been considered garbage.

Many people have turned this into a crafty weekend hobby with roots in recycling. Things like old furniture and clothes are now being recycled and finding a new place in the world. It is one simple idea that will give someone a way to reinvigorate old tattered fabrics with new life, fabric paint spray.

This is a great tool to use for fun crafting and wonderful repurposing projects. Fabric paint will allow the ability to reupholster without reupholstering. It works great on faded or outdated prints on old furniture. An old faded office chair or an old 70’s era couch can now become an updated piece of furniture that can set off the décor of a room.

There are different kinds of fabric paint spray that are great to use but one, definitely, wants to make sure that whichever kind you choose, there are certain things you want to look for in a good fabric paint spray.

1. You want to find one that is non-toxic and fume free. You want paint that is safe to use around the kids and pets because, if you are a mom like me, you don’t want to use anything that is unsafe around the most precious ones in the house.

2. Choosing a paint that dries soft is a necessity. Many paints have a tendency of drying hard, and eventually crack, are not soft to the touch. Who wants to sit on hard stiff paint, that feels very uncomfortable? If the furniture you redid is uncomfortable to sit on or lay on, it was a waste of your time

3. Fade resistant is also a feature that you also want to look for. If the paint is just going to fade in a couple of weeks, you might as well just skip the whole project.

4. Vibrant color is also a must. When painting fabrics, if the paint is not a vibrant, powerful color, it can get lost in the fabric and not be the color you want it to be.
Fabric Paint Spray – Vibrant, Washable & Soft | Simply Spray is the best choice for a spray that has all the features that you will need to guarantee a great finish that lasts.

Aside from furniture, there are a lot of wonderful other things you can do with this fabric paint spray.

1. Clothes are a great canvas for this paint. Take an old pair of jeans or a pair of canvas sneakers and revive them. All it takes is a little inspiration and those old clothes can easily become the latest fashion statement. Who knows, maybe you will influence others with your craftiness and originality.

2. Accent pieces like old cushions or curtains can be made to match. You don’t need to buy new stuff when you can take the character of the old stuff and revive it with a little bit of paint and creativity.

3. It is also great for party activities. A shirt decorating station at a party is always fun, regardless of the age of the people attending the party. Baby showers, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations are great events for an activity like this.

Look around the house and I bet there is something that could use a little bit of sprucing up. Why not? Give it a try this weekend and maybe, just maybe, you might find a new hobby.