How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Proposing to your sweetheart can be an exciting event and you need to get it just right. This is the moment you will remember the rest of your life, recounting it to friends and family many times over. While this can put a lot of pressure on the bride or groom to be, there are many ways to create the perfect proposal without all of the stress.

Take a Deep Breath

Before you start planning, take a deep breath and focus. Think about all of the reasons why you want to get married and how happy your life is going to be. Keep this in mind as you go over every detail and start planning.

Talk to the Parents

Before you start planning and spending money, talk to your future in laws. You will be able to get their blessing in advance. They may also have some plans for your special day. For example, your new fiancée may have always talked about getting proposed to on a beach or receiving a family heirloom. By talking about your intent with his or her parents, you are able to gain a lot of insight into everyone’s expectations.

Select a Location

The location is important. Whether you are planning on going away or a night on the town, you need to select the perfect spot. This means being very aware of your surroundings. If you can, take a tour of the location in advance to find the exact spot you want to propose. Keep in mind that you want your partner to feel comfortable, so choose a location where they will feel relaxed.

If you are planning a vacation proposal, make sure you have a plan B in mind. While you can book things in advance, there are several factors that can mess up a perfectly-planned proposal. Think of two really good locations at your destinations just to be on the safe side.

Choose a Ring

Do not propose with an empty jewelry box! You want to impress your new fiancée and show your appreciation for them. Before you propose, look at a wide range of rings. If you can, try to casually walk through a jewelry store with your fiancée to get an idea of styles they like. Avoid asking them directly, as you want it to be a surprise.

While you can find several rings within your budget, you should try to find something unique. Custom engagement rings Melbourne can be a great way to show just how much your fiancée means to you. Choose from a wide range of stones and precious metals to create the perfect look.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to work with an experienced jeweler. A jeweler will be able to help you select a style, even if it is something they don’t normally carry. Be sure to allow several weeks for custom-made engagement rings to be delivered.

Hide the Ring

Once you have your beautiful engagement ring, don’t let your fiancée see it. If you live together, have a friend hold on to it until the day you propose. Don’t hide the ring in your car, gym bag, or upstairs closet – there is always a chance they will find it there!

Decide Who You Want to Share the Moment with

While it is traditional to get on one knee and propose in an intimate setting, many couples prefer to be surrounded by their loved ones. You don’t want to make all these complex plans only to have it be ruined by inviting the wrong people.

If you want to create an intimate moment but still want your friends to see, ask someone nearby to discreetly record you or take pictures. This helps you keep control over the situation.

Plan an Activity for Afterwards

After you propose, you are going to want to impress your new fiancée. Plan a fun activity that you know they will like, such as going to their favorite bar to celebrate. Invite everyone to this activity so that they can help you share in the moment.

Be prepared to be the center of attention during the celebration. Your fiancée will be showing off his or her new ring and talking about the special moment you shared.