Juice Your Way to Health

Juicing is a trend that is taking the health world by storm. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure the daily recommended fruit and vegetable servings are met. For those who are just starting this new trend in health, it may be daunting to get started. Finding the proper juicer, and figuring out what to juice are just some of the obstacles new juicers may face. Thankfully, there is tons of information that can be helpful in answering these questions, and the most common are addressed below.

What are the Benefits?

It goes without saying that juicing is a great way to get in fruits and vegetables into a diet without having to stress about making sure those guidelines are met each and every day. Aside from the convenience of juicing, it is also healthy! In just one juice almost the whole day’s daily serving recommendations for fruits and vegetables can be met!

Juicing is also beneficial for weight loss and overall health– it allows a person to intake less calories without losing nutritional properties. Ingesting fresh produce can help improve healthy eating habits as well, and by doing it through juice it’s a delicious and easy way to do so.

Making juice also helps by flooding the body with micronutrients. Juicing allows the body to access enzymes in the digestive system that are typically not accessed through whole fruits and vegetables. Freshly juiced produce is chock full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. What could be better than that?

Which Juicer Works Best?

Like any other appliance, there are countless options for consumers to choose from, and it can be entirely overwhelming at first. When looking for a juicer, it may be a good idea to first think of price. Juicers can range in price from $20 to $400 depending on the quality and what types of juice is going to be made. It’s helpful to know what is going to be juiced in order to choose the best juicer that will work for the type of food that is going to be processed. The best way to narrow them down would be to look at product review online or read up on interesting tips that may help a future juicer make their decision. Ultimately, finding a juicer will be a personal preference – not all juicers will work well for everyone. It’s all up to the consumer.

What Can Be Juiced?

In short, anything can be juiced. Of course, a kale, banana, and kidney bean juice may not be as delicious as say, a kale, banana and strawberry juice – again, it’s up to personal preference! However, it is recommended that a person not juice strictly all vegetables or all fruits in one juice. Like anything else, it’s great to mix things up to prevent getting burnt out on one particular type of flavor.

Aside from fruits and vegetables, things like chicken stock or chia seeds can be added to juices in order to fortify them even more. Playing around with different foods can result in some interesting (or really tasty!) new juices.

What Should Be Avoided?

Like any other new trend, it is advised that someone who juices does not use juice to replace daily meals. Juices can be a great snack or breakfast replacement, but should not be a substitute for regular meals. While juicing can be a healthy alternative to eating whole fruits, replacing real food with juice can result in a lack of protein. A lack of protein, an essential element of any healthy diet, results in loss of muscle mass, as well as rebellion (i.e., becoming so hungry a candy bar or bag of potato chips is then eaten). Restricting to a juice only diet for weight loss or cleansing would be a health risk, and is not supported by any scientific date. Of course, with any new diet change it is advised that a person consult with their primary care physician to make sure juicing will work for them.


Juicing can be a great alternative to eating whole fruits and vegetables – whether someone doesn’t like them, or finds it too difficult to make sure they are getting all the necessary servings in one day. There are tons of juicing resources for new juicers, and plenty of recipes that can be tried. Juicing is definitely something everyone should try!