The Technology Boom

I am sure my parents are like many of the older generation, absolute technophobes. It took me what seemed like an age to convert them to a flat screen TV. They would always say ‘the set that we have works, why should we change it’. I can understand their point of view if I am honest, but still persevered with my endeavour to push them into the 21st century.
After three long months of persuasion, I manged to sell my parents the benefits of a new 4k ultra HD TV. When I took them to the store, they soon realised the picture quality they would get by upgrading was of a different class from their old fashioned TV. They were paying for a HD TV subscription but would argue that it doesn’t make any difference, after our visit to the store, they soon realised that the nature programmes they both love, would be far better on a new TV. In the end, they did upgrade, and have never looked back.

Social Media

Despite my triumph with the whole television situation, they were both still in the old ages when it came to kitchen appliances and modern technology. I have two brothers, both of which live a fair way from my parents, so social media and modern internet sites such as Skype would be of a great benefit. I tried on many occasions to set my mom up with a Facebook profile but each time she dismissed my suggestions, ‘nothing wrong with a phone call’ she would claim. It wasn’t until the last Christmas when I called my brother via Skype that my mom was sold.

During the January sales my parents and I set out to the shops and bought a tablet, downloaded several social media platforms and set them loose on the internet. Despite initial reservations, they both took to the tablet very well, and are regularly shopping on line for a multitude of things. They also use it to keep in contact with my brothers, much to the delight of my mom.

Could it Be Better?

With the tablet and TV situation under my belt, I thought it would be the right time to talk to my mom about her archaic kitchen appliances. My mom loves to cook, for as long as I remember, my mom has always baked cakes and made her own recipes for meal times, usually her time in the kitchen would be made a little easier with a few kitchen appliances.
She has a very old microwave, a toaster oven and a stand mixer. One of her favourite tasks in the kitchen is making soup, and I would often see her attempting to mix the soup and blend it together by hand. I told her to go out and buy a blender, but her attitude, as always, was strictly against modern technology. Why would she need an appliance to help her with a job she has managed to perform so well, for so many years without.
I explained that the job would be so much easier if she bought one, but still her answer was no.

Birthday Treat

My mom’s birthday was coming up, so I decided enough was enough, I was going to buy her a blender. I searched the internet and found a site called, they have plenty of reviews on different blenders available. I bought an all singing, all dancing model. On her birthday she was a little surprised that I had bought her a new kitchen appliance, but after using it a few times, she has admitted that I was right, her soup making has been made far easier with her new blender.

I am still only a small part into the journey of pushing my parents into the modern age, but with each little step, they are starting to enjoy an easier and more convenient lifestyle. Long may it continue!!