Being a Supporting Link for Family Members

We had a really tough choosing which nursing home to put my grandmother in but with my mother in bad shape, she could no longer be there to tend for her as she had previously done. The doctor had taken my mother out of work and scheduled her for neck and back surgery which would put her bedridden for a while. To make things easier on both my mother and my grandmother, we decided to put our grandmother in a nursing home and hire a home health nurse for my mother.

The nursing home was one of the most difficult choices that I’ve ever had to help my mother make. She almost cried each time we visited another one to inspect it. We were certain what type of nursing home would be ideal for our grandmother and so far we had not come across any that fit our needs. The closest one that we felt was the best fit for her, was at least an hour away, but we had to make the transition so to keep everyone in the best of health.

Taking Grandma to the Nursing Home

It was a very sad day when we packed up her things and loaded them in the car. She felt as if we were abandoning her but that wasn’t the case at all. I had made arrangements at the home that if she ever needed anything I was to receive a phone call, even if she just wanted to talk for an hour about nothing. She would be very well taken care of and I was to get monthly reports on how well she was adjusting to her new temporary home.

When we arrived to the door of her new room, she smiled a little. The view was actually a very good one, looking over the lake that was behind the nursing home. It was a cozy room with a double bed and two dressers, a night stand, a television, and a drawing table that could be placed in the down position to become a desk. Everything was perfect, except the type of bed that was in the room. My grandmother laid down on it and quickly jumped up saying she needed a new mattress.

From reading several memory foam mattress reviews and purchasing one for my husband and myself, I thought it idea to purchase another for her here at the nursing home. Thankfully they allowed me to purchase it and have it sent right over. She did not have to sleep one night on that old spring mattress. She was content when it arrived and was placed on her bed, but her smile quickly faded as we said our goodbyes and began to leave.

Taking Care of My Mother

It was hard to watch my mother say goodbye to her mom and place her in a nursing home, but it would eventually prove to be a healthy choice for her as well. After we spoke with the home health nurse we arranged for her to meet us at my mother’s so that we could go over the information that we felt was important. The home nurse that came was a very tall young lady who was possibly in her early twenties. She had a low pitch to her voice and was very polite. My mother was not in really bad shape yet as her surgery had not occurred, but she felt as if this nurse was going to be a blessing to her in her upcoming months.

After making sure that both my grandmother and my mother were settled with their new environment and surrounding staff, we headed home. There was thousands of things that we had put off to be able to do everything that we got done today, but they would be there tomorrow. I told my husband that I was going to head to bed early, possibly after I cooked supper, because I had had a very long and stressful day. He allowed me to lay on the couch and rest while he took the place of cooking dinner. He even delivered it to me and told me that he loved me and he would be right here step by step with me. A supportive spouse can make the biggest difference with any obstacle in life.