An Amazing Country Fair

Our community has a very traditional American feel to it, we try to celebrate everything that America does well, from thanks giving to Halloween, and our country fair is no different. I am the head of the local organising committee for our annual summer occasion, and the whole community tries to get involved to send the event off with a bang every year.

Each year we try to come up with fresh ideas, but it is hard to create something new year after year, and most of our community likes the traditional feel. We try to have a chilli cook off, cake stands, refreshment stands and a little fun fair for the kids.


This year I suggested having a display featuring classic American cars. It was a great idea, but it would take some serious organising. I managed to find a local man who had a keen interest in classic agricultural machinery and Americana. So the classic car display turned into everything that makes Americans proud. We had 8 different agricultural machines on display, 10 classic cars and more Americana than you could shake a stick at. There were old Coca-Cola signs, pairs of Levi jeans dating back to the 1950’s, old photographs of our state and so much more. Everyone that attended the event loved this section of the fair, a real success story.

Ice Cold Cocktails

The usual drinking would take place, but we thought that this year we could do things a little differently, rather than the standard beer being sold, we would supply cocktails to spice things up a little. The organising committee set me the task of purchasing a heavy duty ice machine that could be used year after year for the event. I came across a website called, it gave me all of the information I needed to make an informed purchase. We bought a commercial ice machine at a fantastic price. From cosmopolitans to mojito’s, we served a cocktail to suit every taste.

The Cook Off

The annual chilli cook off went down an absolute storm. The usual contenders cooked up their recipes to the delight of the crowd. This event can cause friction between some of the competitors, but in a healthy way, and this year was no different. The race for first place usually comes down to two people, but this year I am pleased to say that one of our younger residents won the cook off, a truly amazing feat when standing against some of the seasoned pros involved, and while at first some noses were put out of joint, within minutes everyone was praising the young boy on his success.

All The Fun of the Fair

This year, the same as many of the previous, we had a fun fair, only this year it consisted of far more than we have been able to offer before. We had a full sized Ferris wheel, bumper cars and even a house of mirrors to set it off in style. All of these new attractions, alongside the more traditional stands made for a popular feature.

A Day to Remember

The whole day went off without a hitch, the more traditional stands were as popular as ever, and the new additions simply added to the atmosphere of a great day. Next year we hope to add more and more. Who knows, maybe our fair could become the biggest in the state!