Gifts For Your Boyfriend

You’ve met this great guy, you’ve gone out on a few dates. Things are cool. In fact, they’re better than cool, you’ve even started calling him your boyfriend and he’s already met your Mom. But what’s the deal on giving gifts at this stage of the game? Maybe Christmas is around the corner or he’s got a birthday coming up. You could just want to show him how much you like him or even love him!

But hold up a second. What are you going to get him? This is kind of an important thing to think about. You don’t want to freak him out, for sure. Giving him something totally inappropriate could make you both uncomfortable and everything is going so well now. So think this through first.

Gifts can be an intimate expression of your relationship and how you feel about someone. It doesn’t need to be something really The good news is most guys are pretty easy to shop for. Every guy I know has some major interest (usually sports or movies) and they wear it on their sleeve, so to speak. But maybe your boy has more particular interests, something very specific to him that only you would know about because of the time you two spend together.

So what’s the move? You don’t want to look desperate buying him something super expensive but you want to get him that special item. Let your relationship do the talking, not your gift-giving. You don’t need to make some grand gesture of a present, but something meaningful. If you know he loves a certain sports team, get him a hat or a shirt from the team. But don’t go out and buy him tickets to the game this early in the relationship. Football game tickets are super expensive. Though I think you can probably get baseball game tickets for cheap, you know up in the high seats.

You could always take him out to dinner, though a lot of guys might get weird about the girl paying for dinner. Some guys may not even care. Only you know your boyfriend and what he’ll be comfortable with.

You never want to go with a generic gift, like a tie or a belt or something. But if your guy is skilled around the kitchen and you do more dinners in than out, you could always get him something that caters to his culinary interests (pun intended!) You have a lot of options when it comes to a good food prep appliance, blenders, processors, you name it, all available at different budgets. Remember, don’t spend too much so early in the relationship but if this is something you think would be good for your guy, check out Mrs FoodPrep to see what choices are out there.

Maybe your man likes comic books (they all seem to, don’t they?) Then check out the local comic book store, find out what he reads and go from there.

Then sometimes, a night out at the movies is a great idea. But don’t plan it out like months in advance. Make it spontaneous, off the cuff. And definitely let him pick. You may have to watch robots blowing stuff up, but sacrifice is a big part of any relationship isn’t it?