The Best Cordless Drills Reviewed For You

The world of cordless drills can be an overwhelming and confusing place. I have recently put various different models through their paces and decided to take the opportunity to review some that I have used. This will give you an outline of the pros and cons for each. Hopefully, it will give you a little information on what would best suit your needs. I found a lot of beneficial information at: 

DeWalt DC970K 

This drill, in my opinion, is a perfect all rounder. If you are looking for a drill to use around the house without having to buy several drills, this may be the choice for you. With its two speed, 380 watt motor it easily drills through various materials, wood, plastic and drywall.

The drill is supplied with two batteries and a charger so you can drill all day without worrying that you are going to run out of power. Although they are not lithium batteries, which are superior to the NiCd supplied, you should have no problems with these. This is a basic level drill and the price reflects that.

Weighing only 5.2lbs, you can carry it around with you no problem. Making the job at hand easier than some of the more advanced drills available.

If you are looking for something for DIY needs, this is a great choice for you.

Porter-Cable PCL120DDC 

Something you have to be careful of when selecting a drill, is to make sure you are not led towards the well-known brands without considering some of the smaller manufacturers.

The Porter-cable PCL is a great choice for the DIY enthusiast. I was surprised to find that it has a metal 3/8-inch keyless chuck, most entry level drills would have a plastic chuck, so this is brilliant as metal components obviously last longer than the plastic counterpart.

The small motor has two speed settings, the most powerful giving you 0-1200rpm. Coupled with that the clutch has 20 settings, giving you the best chance to tune the drill for your specific needs.

The 1.3AH batteries charge within half an hour. When you compare this to other models that usually take between 3 and 5 hours, this shines above the rest.

If you are looking for a drill to undertake general household tasks, like assembling flat pack furniture or putting up shelves, at this price, you shouldn’t pass this by without consideration.

Bosch PS41-2A Impact Driver 

Some of the jobs we undertake in and around the house do not need a drill. Sometimes, it is simply about putting together furniture or popping in some screws. When this is the case, an impact driver is a great choice and with the Bosch model I am reviewing here, you would be making a wise choice.

You are buying into a well-known brand that gives you a comprehensive warranty with every tool that you buy. Weighing in it at a little over 2lbs, it is very comfortable to use. Although this particular model is not a market leader, it is a very reliable and an easy to use piece of kit.

The chuck is 1/4inch hex, which is pretty standard for impact drivers. Being a standard size is great because the drill bits are universally very easy to find in hardware stores.

It packs a huge punch. It has 930 inch pounds of torque, the motor puts out 2600rpm and offers 3100 impacts per minute, more than other models, which is incredible!

A smart, compact LED light gives you a wider field of vision. As it is priced well against similar brands and models, this would be my suggestion for the perfect impact driver.


There are many options available when you decide to purchase a new drill. Take your time and do your research first. Plenty of information is available at the link above. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you follow these few helpful tips and read through the reviews thoroughly, you should end up with the perfect drill.

I hope you find this information of use and it helps you to make an educated decision when purchasing your next drill. Good luck and happy drilling!!